Building the MUDI

Patrimonio rinascimentale

Luogo: Firenze


The Brunelleschi’s modulus, the cultural project, the museum

The MUDI project gave to architects the possibility to integrate the design process with high information density morphometric mo-dels.To survey and to design are completely different tasks; whilst the first starts from the analyzed context the other through the imagina-tion produces drawings that could be used to describe the architecture and the future spaces.In the MUDI research the survey started during the elaboration phase of the final project, the more technical component of the whole design process into the which an accurate control is strongly needed.

The 3D morphometric survey is able to identify the complexity of the volumetric composition of the object using different technolo-gies such as: the laser scanner 3D in order to obtain a 3D model; the topographic survey used to identify a substations’ net part of the whole survey system; the photographic survey aimed at the implementation of the complete knowledge of the involved surfaces conservation state. The analyses and the coordinate system comparison (made visible through a point cloud visualization) made more clear the volume of the whole architecture.

In this way the internal space could be visualized by different cutting sections and even the plans can be verify in order to adjust the single elements of the object (such as internal walls and other structures).Furthermore the data analyses can produce the possibility of identify axes of visualization and at the same time the involved internal spaces: the designer can thus choose to focus itself on the internal space, on the relation between the external and the internal part of the building or on the whole architectural complex.


Responsabili della ricerca:

Centro DIAPReM, Dipartimento di Architettura, Università di Ferrara
Responsabile scientifico del progetto: Marcello Balzani. Rilievo 3D: Guido Galvani. Rilievo Topografico: Guido Galvani. Elaborazione grafica: Cristina Vanucci

Enti coinvolti:

Istituto degli Innocenti
Direttore Generale Istituto degli Innocenti: Anna Maria Bertazzoni

Gruppo di progetto
Responsabile del progetto architettonico: Carlo Terpolilli, Ipostudio Architetti Associati. Direzione del progetto: Carlo Terpolilli, Pietro Carlo Pellegrini. Progettazione architettonica: Carlo Terpolilli, Ipostudio Architetti Associati (capogruppo, progetto architettonico); Lucia Celle, Roberto di Giulio, Elisabetta Zanasi Gabrielli, Ipostudio Architetti Associati (progetto architettonico); Pietro Carlo Pellegrini (progetto architettonico e allestimento); Silvia Scarponi (progetto architettonico). Restauro dei monumenti: Eugenio Vassallo. Progetto Museografico: Cristiana Morigi Govi. Progettazione strutturale e strutture antisismiche: Maurizio Milan (Favero e Milan ingegneria Spa). Progettazione impianti e impiantistica museale: Pietro Paolo Bresci, Leopoldo D’Inzeo (Consilium servizi di ingegneria Srl).